Balanced ventilation door

Automatic ventilation doors for mining use.
Suitable for underground environments with high solids content in the air. Resistant to explosions and high impact shocks.
Two door wings open in opposite directions. The design  allows mine doors to withstand many inches of water gauge pressure.
It is a double-acting effect the air pressure that assists the door in opening also assists it in closing therefore, forces are equalized.
A linking bar between two wings helps to cancel air pressure and slope effect


Características técnicas

- Windows to release blasting pressure
- Redundant hydraulic cylinders
- Polycarbonate windows
- PLC controlled, three operation modes (automatic, manual and maintenance)
- Hidráulic Power pack
- Radar detection
- Laser sensor to detect a obstacle when opening or closing operation  
- Led barriers for vehicle detection
- Traffic's lights on each side

Configurable options

- Availability in different sizes and shapes

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