We are specialists in telemetry, we combine experience and technology to bring the highest standards of communication in industrial networks to your company.

  • Calculation, design, and implementation of telemetry system for communication between the different mines of the Cerro Vanguardia site, Santa Cruz.
  • Mine detection system for polluting gases, O2, CO and NO. It allows safe access to mines and great energy savings due to the variation of the main fan speed.
  • Weighing system for equipment at the exit of the mine, which allows the calculation of production and the efficiency of the production process.


We have an interdisciplinary team of specialized engineers and enrolled in different areas. Capable of developing projects from the beginning, with calculations, projections, tests, manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales service.

  • Design, and implementation of a complete fertilizer plant control system - ACOGRA S.A.
  • Survey and re-design to improve the production plant control network - Minera Santa Cruz.
  • Design, implementation and commissioning of solar energy system - Minera Santa Cruz.


We have certified tools and equipment to perform all kinds of maintenance in the industry. Highly trained staff and suitable for any type of maintenance.

  • General maintenance and run on 350Kw Detroit Moto-generator - Enap Sipetrol
  • Maintenance and repair of 10 ”S300 turbocharger block valve - Enap Sipetrol
  • Maintenance and Calibration of pneumatic and electronic instrumentation of Off Shore AM2 platform - Enap Sipetrol

Instrumentation, automation & control

Control networks are the soul of each production plant. At Gauss Ingeniería we have the knowledge for the design, and implementation of control networks to achieve the best levels of efficiency and induction in all processes.

  • Control engineering service in production plant - Newmont Goldcorp
  • Design, implementation and manufacture of control cabinets and automation system in chemical plant - ACOGRA S.A.
  • Design and implementation of intelligent motor control center (CCM) with complete communication to control network - ACOGRA S.A.


We have an excellent group of professionals for the training of your team. We offer training of industrial processes, networks, commissioning, maintenance, etc.

  • Personnel training courses in Flow measurement systems, speed drives and generation systems Guascor- Roch SA.
  • Training courses for YCRT personnel in Computerized Control Systems of Road / Automotive Machinery. City of Río Turbio, Santa Cruz.
  • Training program in principles of measurement and industrial instrumentation - Oil & Gas Santa Cruz.

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Santa Cruz Office
National Route 3, Km 2602
Río Gallegos (9400) Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Rio Tercero Office
1825 General Savio street
Río Tercero (5850) Córdoba, Argentina.

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