ORION600 Series

It is a family af low-voltage distribution boards of great robustness and practical in its mobility. Its design can be adaptable to any requirement. The tubing surrounding cage protects it and facilitates its location in the field. It is an easy commissioning board and does not require special pipes or complex adaptations.


Technical specifications

- Robust construction.
- Mounting on floor or on wall using its eyebolts
- Fall protection cage.
- Nostromo Quarter turn handle, exclusively design by Gauss for easy and safeoperation  
- Easily adaptable to load and protection requirements
- Reduced dimensions. -
- Power outputs may be protected by earth fault check relays and leakage currents in accordance with international electrical standards applied to mining (CSA M421, EL-023)

Configurable options

- Adaptable design according to power needs
- Adaptable design according to size needs

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