SCOUT1000 UG Smart

Designed, built exclusively by Gauss Ingeniería, certified by LAT, is a transformation and distribution center unique in Latin America. Both for its size as well as for its technology which allows monitoring in real time the status of the sub station, and the status of its safety devices. Suitable for outdoor and underground services.


Technical specifications

- Rugged construction
- Easy to transport, horizontal and vertical.
- Skid mounted.
- 1000kVA of power.
- Input voltage 13.2kVA / 10 outputs of 380/220V
- Customizable design
- Small size
- Wireless connection
- Quick installation
- Tested and certified in High Voltage Laboratory (LATUNC)
- Outputs may be protected by ground fault check relays and leakage currents in accordance with international electrical standards applied to mining (CSA M421, EL-023)

Configurable options

- All input voltage available
- All output voltage available
- All power capabilities available

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